Now the car waits for you to go for a drive – not just the dog!


Jaguar Land Rover is developing an intelligent self-learning car which will recognize the driver, check their schedule, plot a route and adjust the seat – all before they open the door.

Jaguar Land Rover director of research and technology, Dr Wolfgang Epple said the goal is to create a car which offers a more personalized experience for the driver and to minimize distractions in an effort to help prevent accidents.

“Up until now most self-learning car research has only focused on traffic or navigation prediction,” Dr Epple said “We want to take this a significant step further.”

It is another application of smartphone technology operated by the driver’s smart-phone making the handshake with the car’s own system called Smart Assistant, which can then access the driver’s calendar and use the information for navigation and reminders.

If you have logged that you have a meeting time the Smart Assistant will not only work out the best route to travel, but will call ahead if it looks like you are running late.

This technology in the car’s inbuilt computer incorporates the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.  As a result, the car will recognize the driver by their smart phone when it is within close enough proximity to pick up its WiFi.  A new learning algorithm will allow the car to remember the seat, radio, climate and mirror settings, and adjust these to suit the driver.

The software also learns the owner’s driving style and when Auto Adaptive Cruise Control is enabled the car will mimic the style and remember the preferred distance the driver likes to keep from the car ahead, as well as the type of acceleration they find most comfortable.

“By developing a learning function for Adaptive Cruise Control,” said Dr Epple, “it is technology concepts like the self-learning car that will ensure any future intelligent car remains fun and rewarding to drive as we move closer to more autonomous driving over the next 10 years.”

Jaguar Land Rover says that the self-learning car will even be able to recognize the passengers from their smart-phones, and take their preferences into consideration when setting functions such as climate and media.

The future is now!