Nitto 3K race meeting at Bira this weekend


The very relaxed Nitto 3K race meeting is this weekend at the Bira Circuit on Highway 36 (about half way between the Regents School and the Highway 331 fly-over).  Various classes including the Retro class in which we will be competing.

Many of the classes are open to road-going cars, and have many rather inexperienced drivers, but it gives them a place to start, and plenty of spectator action.

Nitto 3K action Nitto 3K action

Come along on the Sunday.  The races start about 10 a.m. and if you are walk round to the outside of the hairpin at the end of the straight, look for our D2/AA Insurance Brokers hospitality tent.  You have to cheer for my immaculate white Securitas Mk1 Ford Escort (or be thrown out).  You can also cheer on the EBC Brakes E30 BMW of Gavin Charlesworth who has assisted us with brake materials for the little Escort.

The races are generally very short 8-10 lappers, so there is plenty of action – and plenty of fun.  The last Nitto 3K meeting reminded me of motor sport in the UK and Australia of many years ago.  Run what you brung and everyone enjoyed themselves and helped each other.  Such a refreshing attitude these days.