Nissan Murano blows up a house!

Exploded Murano. (Photo/Courier Mail Brisbane, Australia).
Exploded Murano. (Photo/Courier Mail Brisbane, Australia).

A Nissan Murano TI 2011 model exploded in Australia, leaving the family devastated.

“The woman owner said, “We have absolutely nothing left. Thankfully, I acted quickly and evacuated my two kids, aged 5 and 6, the instant I smelt smoke.

“The car was stationary, with the engine off. It took seven minutes for the car to explode, from the first sign of smoke.

“The fire forensic investigator has identified the cause of the fire as a known issue of Nissan Muranos. Once their investigations are complete, we will be able to comment further,” Nissan said in a statement. If I had a Murano, I’d be asking Mr Nissan to look hard at my car.