New BMW M3 in testing


The rumors are flying about the new BMW M3, the performance version of the new 3 Series.  The engine for the new car is most likely a six cylinder and may even have triple turbochargers for aspiration.  This is understandable with other marques such as Lexus and Audi upping the performance stakes with every new model.

It is also suggested that the new M3 will not be in a two door body shell, but will be offered as a four door only.  If this is the case, the mooted M4 will be the model with the two door shell.

The uncertainty also goes with the specification of the engine.  Most informed sources state it will be a six cylinder, but BMW is being coy about whether this is an in-line 6 or a V 6.

New BMW M3 New BMW M3

There is already a new tri-turbo which produces 444 bhp is the leading contender to power the new M3 (or could it be M4) which will appear after the new 2012 3 Series due for launch later this year.

The BMW community is throwing its collective hands in the air because they see downsizing as raking the soul out of the M Series, a six does not sound as good as a V8, and turbocharging is not universally popular.  And to really upset the breed, there is talk of a three-turbo diesel engine.  An oil-burner in an M Series.  Gott in Himmel!

The new 3.0 liter diesel unit develops 395 bhp and even more torque, will first appear in the X6 xDrive 50d which debuts in March 2012.  This engine will also be found in the facelifted 2012 7 Series 750d and possibly the 550dx with M-Sport package.

However, BMW is keeping its cards close to its chest, and after the fact that there will be a new engine for the M Series, the rest is pure conjecture.