Mirai’s for sale, with one tank of Japanese gas


Toyota has brought three Mirai’s to Australia, ostensibly to evaluate the car’s performance under Aussie conditions.

However, the experimental hydrogen powered cars won’t go far, as the only hydrogen station is in Sydney and Toyota is in Melbourne. What makes it even worse, is the one in Sydney belongs to Hyundai.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen car.
Toyota Mirai hydrogen car.

Toyota has said the three cars are for assessment and promotional purposes with the fleet soon to be followed by its own mobile hydrogen fuel station, for obvious reasons.

The environmentally friendly Mirai will stay in Australia for three years for local Toyota engineers to learn more about the technology, as well as part of “key stakeholder engagement activities”, according to the car-maker.

Joining the three Mirai’s towards the end of the year will be a portable refuelling station that can top the car’s tanks up anywhere, allowing the Mirais to be transported to different parts of the country with greater ease (as long as the refueling truck goes with them).

Toyota Australia president Dave Buttner said having three examples of the Mirai in the country will help spread the word about hydrogen fuel-cell technology and increase its awareness.

The Mirai uses the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS), which combines fuel-cell and hybrid technology, for a cruising range of about 550 km and a refuelling time of approximately three minutes, all while emitting only water vapour.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia imported a left-hand drive zero-emissions ix35 Fuel Cell two years ago to highlight the technology, with the hope of eventually being able to hold commercial trials, and ultimately, sell the car Down Under. However, you wouldn’t know it was there, either.