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Kevin Maguire, a frequent Quiz entrant (and winner, I might add) suggested, “A suggestion, as an extra to your column.  What about getting readers to send in the most unexpected or unusual cars that they have seen in Thailand?  Down in Rayong town the other day, I saw a beautiful Ginetta G32, absolutely stunning!”

Rare Ginetta Rare Ginetta

Not only stunning, Kevin, but as rare as rocking horse droppings in this country.  Now, what else is out there?  Send the pix to [email protected]


The Chevrolet Cruze will have its official release in Thailand on the 23rd of this month.  It has had mixed reviews all over the world, where it has been released for many months.  The biggest complaint seems to be the available power and response from the engine, whilst everyone seems to agree that driver and passenger comfort is excellent.

We shall see how the local Cruze stacks up later.

Long awaited Cruze Long awaited Cruze