Local race meeting this weekend


The ‘picnic races’ at Bira are on this weekend, with many categories competing on the 2.4 km circuit. Sedans (eco, 1500 cc and 2 liters), pick-ups, Retro (pre 1985) and more.

We should be there with the TBX Mk 1 Retro Ford Escort, which has had a troubled year so far, having been crashed into and destroying the passenger’s door, and then blew the differential, making it the third diff in the last 12 months. We would appear to have the engine problems sorted and delivering enough horsepower (probably too much horsepower for the differentials).

TBX Retro racer Mk1 Ford Escort.
TBX Retro racer Mk1 Ford Escort.

We have the mechanics at TR Motorsport working on the problem and at this stage it looks like we may graft a Toyota HiLux axle complete into the Escort. (I’m sure Henry F wouldn’t mind!)
These are great race meetings for the family, so come and see us in the pits. Look for the white over Ferrari red Mk1 Ford Escort and meet the drivers in the TR Motorsports team.