Like a Ferrari P4 Spyder?


A Ferrari P4 Spyder, if one ever came to auction would go for something over USD 10 million.  They are exceptionally rare, and as far as I can ascertain, only three exist.  (The photo is of a scale model.)

Well, let’s make that four full-size ones, as there is a P4 Spyder in the car yard opposite the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya on Sukhumvit Road.  Pulse quickening?  Slow down a little, this is a replica built by a Hungarian chap called Attila.  (Attila the Hun-garian?)

Ferrari P4 Spyder. Ferrari P4 Spyder.

The car is built using a VW floor pan, which allows the blue book to continue, as it is then officially recognized as a re-bodied VeeDub.  The extra chassis parts are steel and the body is fiberglass and steel.

Attila makes these with either a VW engine or a Subaru flat four, meaning that your stunningly beautiful P4 can have any horsepower you like from 50 bhp through to 400 bhp, giving the red rocket a top speed of somewhere between 140-290 km/h.  No matter what engine you want, it has to be the ultimate crumpet catcher, which will stop the traffic anywhere.

Attila can make you one from B. 660,000 if you are interested.  He also makes a replica Ferrari P3/4 and a Lamborghini Countach.  His phone number is 083 589 6235.

And if you want some history, the P4’s best moment came at Daytona when Enzo Ferrari got his sweet revenge over Ford Motor Company and the P4’s placed 1-2-3 at Daytona, one of America’s major circuits.  It is rumored that until his death, Enzo kept a picture of the trio on their final lap of the momentous race.  Quite a memento!