Is Liberty on the right track?


Will the thought of another US track enthuse the viewing public? I doubt it very much as the new owners of F1 Liberty Media look upon F1 in a different way, compared to what we were used to. When F1’s commercial boss Sean Bratches was asked about the likelihood of there being another race in the US in Miami, he replied, “I don’t know if there’s a city on the planet that aligns with our brand more than Miami. We’re both about celebrity, about glamour, about fashion, we’re about art, we’re about digital, technology. We both have great sporting histories, so we think it’s a good brand alignment.”

Formula 1 is not about celebrity, glamor, fashion and art. Sorry Mr Bratches, F1 is about mano a mano competition, driver skill, cheating death and doing maneuvers in cars that leaves ‘ordinary’ drivers aghast.

Liberty may indeed get Miami off the ground, but Silverstone has said they are pulling out after the 2019 GP. Let’s see what Liberty can do with 68 years of F1 history.