Lamborghini to roll out their fastest Lambo ever


Lamborghini will show their fastest ever car, in Lamborghini’s 50 year history, at the 2013 Geneva motor show in late March.

This new car will have the latest in lightweight carbon fibre production techniques – Lamborghini is one of the leaders in carbon fibre – the new supercar is expected to be built in very limited numbers, somewhere between 2 and 10, depending upon firm orders.

Research and development head at Lamborghini Maurizio Reggiano says the car will be road-ready.  “It will be a homologated car and we want it to be a tribute to the forthcoming 50th anniversary of Lamborghini.”

It is expected that the new secret Lambo will be quicker than the Sesto Elemento which covers 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds.  Neck braces recommended!

Lambo Sesto Elemento.Lambo Sesto Elemento.

“One-off is part of our strategy,” says Reggiano.  “Usually we present something because we want to produce or sell it.”

He says buyers of one-off Lamborghinis – each typically paying multiple millions for the privilege of having something unique – are often loyal customers and pay for the car prior to production, “the majority of the time without seeing the car”.

Another Lamborghini which will be made is the Urus SUV, tipped to become one of the fastest off-roaders in the world.

Revealed first as a motor show concept car, the Urus could become Lamborghini’s first turbocharged and first hybrid vehicle.  However this is some way away yet with Lamborghini chairman Stephan Winkelmann says the Urus could go on sale in 2017.