Jaguar’s designer ‘builds’ his own retro Jag


Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth (CMC) are building a “special” Jaguar MKII for the Director of Design at Jaguar Cars, Ian Callum.

The design specification for the car, which will also involve some fundamental engineering changes, will be put together by Callum working with a handpicked team at CMC.

“This is the first classic Jaguar I have ever owned,” says Callum.  “I have greatly admired the Jaguar MKII since I was a boy.  Now I have the chance to ‘build’ one to my exact design specifications.”

Jaguar MkII.Jaguar MkII.

“To me, the MKII is one of the best looking saloons ever created but as a designer, naturally I want to change a number of details.  For that reason, the car that CMC have chosen as donor car will be modified in many areas – both aesthetically and technically.”

He added, “The stance of the MKII is already excellent but I wish to make it even better, the first thing to sort out.  The next is simplifying the car in many areas of exterior trim.  I need to be very judgmental and work out what in my mind is superfluous and what’s not.  The interior will go through a number of subtle changes as well.”

Nick Goldthorp, Managing Director of Classic Motor Cars said, “We have carried out many special projects for clients all over the world, but this is one of the most exciting that we have ever undertaken.  We are delighted that Ian came to us.  The build of Ian’s MKII is already underway and regular updates will be posted on CMC’s website –”

(I have to agree that the MkII became a real classic from the sedans of that era.  Black with chrome wire wheels was always a stunner!  Dr. Iain)