Jaguar releases details on its C-X17


Another release at the Frankfurt show was Jaguar’s small car and a cross-over, currently known as the C-X17.  The development of this car is to meet the BMW X3 Series niche in the marketplace.

What the vehicles will be called is still up in the air, though we know Jaguar has registered “XQ” and “Q-Type” with the European Union’s trademark agency.  It is thought that the new sedan is likely to be called the XQ while the crossover should get the Q-Type.

Jaguar C-X17Jaguar C-X17

Both models will be built on the iQ[Al] platform, a scaled down version of the Range Rover SUV underpinning.  It is light but also extremely stiff.  It has also been designed to use diesel, plug-in hybrid and even battery-powered electric powertrains.

Jaguar’s latest all-wheel-drive system for the C-X17 continuously monitors grip levels and driver inputs and uses feed-forward torque distribution to both pre-empt and react to wheel-slip.

The C-X17 styling comes from Jaguar Land Rover design chief Ian Callum, the man responsible for the original Aston Martin Vanquish and contemporary Jaguars like the F-Type sports car.