Is my Mobileye looking after me?


A couple of weeks ago I reported on a long term test I was going to do with the Mobileye people. This little bundle of electronics is in a small box that sits in front of the rear vision mirror, and looks down the road with the same angle of view as myself.

I have always been of the opinion that it is better to have a fence at the top of the cliff, rather than an ambulance at the bottom. Mobileye is a fence.

Mobileye communicates with me by sounding bells, chimes, rings and doing all but shake me. It also has a little monitor which tells me if my speed is such that I am too close to the car in front, and it also tells me if I have wandered out of my lane without indicating. The monitor will tell me that there is a pedestrian who I might have to avoid.

There is no guesswork with Mobileye’s view of the situations one can find one’s self in. If it tells me I have wandered out of the lane (again), then I have. It’s that simple. I also have learned to trust it, and when it gives me a warning, but I can’t instantly see what it is, I put myself on immediate alert. That has been worth a couple of near-misses that could have been fender-benders.

I will keep you informed!