I’m not as think as you drunk I am


One of the regular readers sent me this item, so it is not confirmed, but I think it should be possible.

A new wearable device developed by Californian company Milo Sensors has developed a wristband known as Proof that tells you how much alcohol is in your system.

Proof reads alcohol molecules through your skin with its built in electrochemical sensor able to convert alcohol into an electrical current in order to help display accurate alcohol levels in your blood.

If its accompanying smartphone app then says that your alcohol levels are too high, Proof can predict when you will be safe to drive and even send you an alert when you have reached this level.

Proof, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2107) in Las Vegas earlier this month, also has a feature that allows users to track family or friends if they are out for the night, and make sure they are drinking responsibly.