Handyman’s Special?


Handy with an electric welder?  A little rust doesn’t daunt you?  Want a project for those long summer evenings?  Well here it is – an Opel Rekord two door coupe, and probably 1953, is my best guess.  A 60 year old snippet of German motoring life in the 1950’s.

This little gem sits waiting for someone to come along and claim her.  It is on Soi Siam Country Club, opposite Soi 11.

Opel Rekord Opel Rekord

Actually, I have seen cars in poorer condition than this be restored.  I did lift the bonnet and the engine looked suspiciously like a 1972 Toyota Corolla.

It does have number plates, so it was registered until probably 20 years ago, and no, there’s no blue book.  But it is just sitting there, waiting for its new owner.


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