Gloomy Blog from the Petrol Head Club in the UK


This last week we have heard that Jaguar LandRover is shutting down for 2 weeks as they have 25,000 cars sitting there that they need to shift. We now have the Ford engine plant in Wales shutting down for a week because demand has dropped. Everyone blames it on Brexit but we believe that it is more of the uncertainty about what is going to happen in the future.

There are so many conflicting experts who believe that we can only buy EVs from a certain date. This is where the confusion lies as we have dates ranging from 2040 down to 2025.

As there is no clear message coming from government, large numbers of people are sitting on their hands waiting to see precisely what is going to be decided. Until a clear message comes out, the car industry and the classic car market will remain in the doldrums. It is just bad news all round and no one in authority appears to know or care.