Forget Retro cars – it’s Retro bikes


Royal Enfield’s revamped Continental GT still has the old-school charm, with some new-school tech.

Try the Royal Enfield Continental GT – a real head-turner with its authentic café racer looks and bold red paint job.

According to Royal Enfield the Continental GT is its lightest and fastest model yet. While still paying homage to its roots from the early 1960s, this 535cc single cylinder café racer will be a nostalgia fest for the original Rockers and I’m one.

Royal Enfield.Royal Enfield.

For retro riding, the seat is accommodating and despite the low-set bars, the riding position doesn’t feel as racy as it looks due to the clip-on style bars mounted on top of the triple clamp rather than below, giving you a slightly more upright riding position.

You have the option of an electric start – or if you like authenticity, you can have a stab at the kick starter, but not to be recommended, if you haven’t tried one before.

It needs some revs to get off the line cleanly, and minor vibrations occur in the upper rev range, which is what the tester expected from this type of engine, but he complained he was looking for 6th, as the engine could easily pull it.

Fitted with Pirelli Sport Demon rubber, twin gas-charged Paioli rear suspension, some decent Brembo brakes and a newly-designed chassis, you’ll soon realize how good a package this modern-classic Continental GT is.