Ford Focus RS


Ford has released the details on the new Focus RS, showing it is the proverbial rocket ship with four wheel drive, turbocharged 2.3 engine, around 350 bhp, six speed manual gearbox and zero to 100 km/h under five seconds.

The transmission has a torque-vectoring function, with twin electronically controlled clutch packs on either side of the rear drive unit. In addition to managing front-to-rear torque distribution – up to 70 percent of the output can be sent to the rear axle – the clutch packs can divert power from side to side across the rear axle. Under cornering, most of the torque is sent to the outer rear wheel to help turn-in and reduce understeer, with Ford also promising – and this is in the official release “the ability to achieve controlled oversteer drifts at the track.” That is the result produced by having Ken Block as their consultant.

Focus RS.

It sounds impossible, but Ford is claiming a figure of more than 1.0 G lateral force being possible with the sticky Pirelli’s and 19″ wheels.

Undoubtedly the boy racer’s dream. Hopefully there will be one on the Ford Stand at the Bangkok International Motor Show in March next year.