Ford Focus ousts Toyota Corolla from top spot


The world’s most popular car (by sales numbers) has been the Toyota Corolla for many years; however, in 2012, the Ford Focus has outsold its Japanese rival, helped by the Chinese boycott of all things Japanese.

The Focus is expected to hit about a million sales globally for 2012, with the Corolla sitting at around 966,000 for the year.

However, the Chinese boycott, part of a public backlash in a long standing dispute between the two countries over ownership of some small islands, cost Toyota an estimated 25 percent of its sales in China.  Next year could be different.

Ford Focus Ford Focus

Volkswagen’s Jetta is in the world’s number three spot, followed by the Hyundai Elantra in fourth and Ford’s Fiesta in fifth.  In sixth place is the Volkswagen Golf, followed by the Toyota Camry – the only car in the top 10 that isn’t an economy-focused compact, followed by Volkswagen’s Polo, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Honda Civic.

Taking all sales into consideration, Toyota is also likely to win back its title of the world’s biggest carmaker, after losing it to General Motors last year.

In 2012, GM and Volkswagen are in the race for number two spot in a record year that looks set to see global sales go past the 80 million barrier – despite the slump in Europe and the slowing Chinese economy.  Perhaps the Thai first time buyer scheme has tipped the scales?  (I jest!)