FIA backs double points for the final race


Despite loud condemnation of the new regulation that will see the drivers earn double points at the season finale in Abu Dhabi, FIA boss Jean Todt has downplayed the significance of the new double-points rule for the 2014 season finale saying there are bigger and more important changes to focus on.

The rule will be implemented in the hope of spicing things up in the season finale and, unless someone has already won the title, give drivers a massive incentive.

The rule, though, has not gone down well with followers of the F1 season with World Champion Sebastian Vettel labelling it “absurd.”

However, FIA president Todt backs the concept.  “Many things have been said but it really is not a dramatic change,” he told Spanish newspaper AS.  “For me a much more important introduction is the new 1.6 liter engine with 40 percent fuel saving.  Our priority is to reduce costs; doubling the score in a race is not a revolution, it is a small change, nothing more.  I don’t understand why people are talking so much about a small change rather than things that are important to the sport.”

Quite frankly, Todt is talking nonsense.  Far from reducing costs, changing the engines will cost the teams millions of dollars, and to talk about fuel saving is quite farcical.