Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K


How much is too much? No such thing it seems Ferrari is saying, with Ferrari’s 700 kW LaFerrari not enough, so Ferrari went ahead and gave it even more power and called it the LaFerrari FXX K.

The FXX K takes power from both a V12 petrol engine and an electric motor that helps deliver even more power from the moment you put your foot on the throttle. The K stands for Kinetic, taken from “Kinetic Energy Recovery System”, or KERS, the same electric energy technology that has been mandated in F1 these days.

LaFerrai FXX KLaFerrai FXX K

Aside from the power increase, the aerodynamics of the car have been completely overhauled. It has a higher tail section with winglets that look total Star Wars.

Now this is where it all becomes an exercise in pandering to one’s ego. You can buy a LaFerrari FXX K, but you can’t take it out for a spin on Sunday and impress the neighbors – it stays the property of Ferrari’s XX department who will allow you to drive their experimental vehicles on certain approved tracks, provided you have rather large dollops of folding green, perhaps to cover the damage caused by amateurs with more money than skill.

I am told that you do get to feel important with a Ferrari official “test driver” label, and the company takes suggestions from the XX program to improve its future line-up of road cars.

I wonder if they would take the Daihatsu Mira in part-exchange?