Ferrari is the hottest brand in China



An almost-new Ferrari FF apparently burst into flames on a motorway in Shanghai, China.  As can be imagined, the photos of the flaming supercar are all over the internet.


According to Chinese news site Wenzhou City News, witnesses saw the Italian supercar driving along when smoke started billowing from under the bonnet.  The driver stopped and jumped out just before the car burst into flames.

Ferrari FF (Fully Flamed?) Ferrari FF (Fully Flamed?)

Police and fire-fighters were called, but by the time they arrived the car was a write-off.

In China, the FF costs close to $850,000 as it attracts import duties and high taxes, so let’s hope he was insured.

In the past 18 months Ferrari has had a number of its cars spontaneously ignite, particularly with its 458 Italia.  Ferrari issued a recall in September 2010 for the 458, blaming an adhesive in the wheel arches that could ignite in some circumstance.  This is apparently the first fire involving an FF.

Despite the recent spate of embarrassing fires, Ferrari buyers have not been deterred.  Sales were up by 9.5 percent to 7195 units in 2011, while the company’s revenue was up by a record 17.3 percent.  Certainly hot results against the poor financial situation of Italy.