Ferrari F12tdf


Looking for F1 acceleration in your drive car? If so, the Ferrari F12tdf is the car for you with a zero to 100 km/h in the unbelievable time of 2.9 seconds.

Unfortunately there is no use in camping outside the Ferrari showrooms as you have to be invited to buy, not the other way around. What a marketing ploy is that!

This strictly limited variant takes the standard F12 Berlinetta as its starting point but then adds lessons learned from the company’s XX development program, which prepares cars for serious circuit work. Those are cars that Ferrari keeps and you have to let them know you want to come down and have a drive in your own very expensive car!

Ferrari F12tdf

However, the new F12tdf is a road-going Ferrari with features that have been engineered to allow less experienced motorists to enjoy its full performance.

The V12 engine develops 574 kW with torque at 705 Nm and sits way up in the rev-range at 6750 rpm resulting in an engine that likes to be revved hard, rewarding those that can find a road long enough.

Ferrari adds significant mechanical changes in the big V12 such as mechanical tappets in place of hydraulic versions and variable inlet trumpets as found in Formula 1 cars. According to Ferrari the alterations allow the V12 to rev to 8900 rpm.

Of interest as well as the staggering zero to 100 km/h time of 2.9 seconds, the zero to 200 km/h is over in 7.9 seconds. Top speed is “in excess of 340 km/h.

Transmission is through a seven-speed F1 DCT dual-clutch transmission has been optimized with six percent shorter gear ratios and operates 30 percent faster when shifting up and 40 percent quicker downshifting.

Brakes are ultra-light carbon-ceramic rotors with one-piece calipers.

Just 799 of the enhanced F12s will be offered worldwide and the first example will make its public debut at the Finali Mondiali Ferrari Challenge race meeting from November 5.