Ferrari betting on its reliability


Ferrari is touting a seven year free servicing offer in Australia, following on six months after it became available in Europe.  However, before you rush to the local Ferrari agent with your 458 Italia, Thailand’s position in this scheme has not yet been announced.

Designed to reduce the cost of Ferrari ownership and provide customers of the Prancing Horse brand with more peace of mind, the Ferrari Genuine Maintenance program applies to the new FF coupe, California convertible, 458 Italia coupe and upcoming 458 Spider – but not the recently discontinued 599 GTB flagship.  (Damn, I wonder if I can get a rebate on mine?)

Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia

Many other mainstream brands offer shorter term, fixed price routine service campaigns, but the Ferrari free-service deal covers all scheduled maintenance at standard service intervals (20,000 km, or once a year with no restriction on kays covered) and includes original spare parts, engine oil and brake fluid.

Ferrari claims the program, which was introduced in Italy in April 2011 and is fully transferable to subsequent owners, is the first of its type to be offered by any car-maker globally, demonstrating the attention it pays to its customers.

The Ferrari Genuine Maintenance plan is part of the after-sales services for Ferrari, which they say is unmatched by any other brand.  The services include the Ferrari Approved used-car program, the Ferrari Power Warranty that can cover a pre-owned Ferrari for up to nine years, Ferrari Pre-Owned Search, Ferrari Genuine spare parts, the Ferrari Classiche valuation and restoration service and Ferrari Pilota driving courses.

These services are actually quite astounding, but whether Thailand can afford, or even justify, them is another matter.