Fall off the step-through and bounce


British impact protection specialists Knox have developed a new wave of impact protectors that are not only flexible but also have great memory!

One of an increasing number of products created as part of the Knox ST3 program of continuous innovation and development, Knox Flexiform+ protectors have an Intelligent Cell Structure created by the combination of high density polyurethane foam with added elastomers.  This combination allows the protector, whether fitted at the elbow, shoulder, knee or hip, to move freely with the wearer and to mould to their body shape.  Flexiform+ protectors ‘memorize’ their new shape making them instantly comfortable the next time the garment is worn.

The high density material is efficient at absorbing energy from an impact, exceeding the European CE standard EN1621 for motorcycle armor by a margin in the region of 35 percent.  Furthermore, its dense structure delivers excellent repeat performance.

Temperature stable, Flexiform+ protectors have a low profile with tapered edging, so the entire range can be fitted into close fitting leather and textile kit and used in extreme cold or hot weather conditions without any change in comfort or performance. Flexiform+ is available for clothing manufacturers to fit as original equipment but may also be purchased by riders wishing to upgrade existing garments; shoulder, elbow, back, knee/shin, hip, and thigh versions are produced, with prices starting at £19.99 per pair.

For further information visit www.knox-lab.com/hand-armour.


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