Driver honesty


My car was parked near my house the other night, and the next morning I was greeted with a smashed tail light cluster and some bumper damage.  Was there a note to say sorry?  No there was not.

New figures from a trusted source in the UK, reveal that only 3 percent of motorists whose vehicles were damaged while parked had been left any contact details from the other party.

Perhaps not surprisingly, car door dents were the most common damage to parked cars with nearly two-thirds of motorists reporting this type of damage.  Paintwork scratches or key lines accounted for 61 percent of damage, while 32 percent of motorists surveyed returned to their vehicle to find wing mirror damage.  Other damages included deflated tyres – 3.6 percent, and graffiti – 1.4 percent.

But it’s not just damage while the car is parked that’s worrying drivers.  According to a poll of nearly 1,000 motorists, the state of UK roads and the effect on vehicle condition is also a cause for concern.

Over two thirds blame potholes for noticeable or significant damage to their car.  And more than half think speed humps are responsible for noticeable or significant damage.

“Cars are bound to pick up some damage day-to-day, whether this means parking dents and scratches, speed humps and pothole damage or stone chips,” said Tim Naylor, Editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report.  “But it is important to get any damage repaired as soon as possible before it deteriorates, particularly if you are thinking of selling your car.  Cars in good all-around condition generally sell quicker and for more money, so protect your investment by having repairs done in good time.”

So there you are.  It is not just in Thailand that we drive on pot-holed roads and get parking damage.