Coty20 AutoShow 2011 (Kuala Lumpur)


Our Editor at Large, John Weinthal attended the KL Motor Show and sent up a bundle of photographs.  Whilst he went to see the new cars on offer, it was the concourse cars that caught his attention.

He describes the Chevy Volt as bland as a car can be, which is a shame as the concept/prototype was a great looking car.  He was also unimpressed with the latest Jaguars, saying they were easily confused with latest Volvo or Camry … Lyons must be squirming.

The Mini duo looked good, back to being what Sir Alex Issigonis designed – very small “mini” cars, as opposed to the oversized BMW versions.

Always a fan of Bentley cars, John included a shot of a magnificently maintained Bentley Continental.

Chev Volt.Chev Volt.

A brace of ‘real’ Minis. A brace of ‘real’ Minis.

Bentley Continental. Bentley Continental.