Can you use E5 fuel in your Toyota or Honda?


There is considerable doubt and distrust of the ethanol fuels in this country, with owners wondering if the E5 fuel will adversely affect their engines.  That concern is also seen in Australia, but concern may not be needed.

According to the information I have to hand from Australia (Source: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries – November 2010), with particular reference to Toyota and Honda, the answer for Toyota is “yes you can,” provided your Toyota is one of the newer ones, and not any of the ones from this list.

Camry with carburetor engines pre July 1989

Corolla pre July 1994

Supra – pre May 1993

Land Cruiser – pre Aug 1992

Coaster – pre Jan 1993

Dyna – pre May 1995

Tarago – pre Oct 1996


Hiace and 4 Runner – pre Aug 1997

For Honda, it is simpler, don’t use E5 in the older ones (generally pre-2002), but you can use E5 in the newer ones such as

Insight – 2004 onwards

Civic range (including Civic Hybrid) – 2004 onwards

S2000 – 2004 onwards

CRV – 2003 onwards

Accord and Accord Euro 2003 onwards

Integra – 2002 onwards

Odyssey – 2004 onwards

Jazz – 2004 onwards