Bugatti’s Chiron trumps its own Veyron


Bugatti chose the Geneva Motor Show to reveal its Bugatti Chiron (named after the famed Bugatti driver Louis Chiron, who had the distinction of being the oldest driver, at age 58, to compete in F1).

Bugatti Chiron is now the world’s fastest and most expensive passenger car, which can reach 100 km/h in a mind-boggling 2.5 seconds and has a top speed in excess of 420 km/h – both of which make it faster than a Formula One race car.

Bugatti Chiron.

The previous Veyron was no slouch, setting the record for the world’s fastest car twice: once in 2005 (408.47 km/h) and again in 2010 (431.072 km/h) with the updated model.

The Bugatti Chiron is expected to eclipse the 431 km/h record with an even more powerful model next year – but, for now, it is the fastest production car on sale anywhere in the world.

It runs on special Michelin tyres that won’t explode at such high speeds.

The 16 cylinder engine has been retained, complete with four turbochargers (two V8s mounted back to back). The power plant develops 1103 kW of power and a staggering 1600 Nm of torque which is enough to tow Pattaya City Hall down as far as the Dusit Thani.

Power is delivered to all four wheels via a seven speed automatic gearbox.

The brakes are bigger than those fitted to a Formula One race car, which means the Chiron can come to a stop from 100 km/h in less time and a shorter distance than an everyday Toyota Yaris.

The French supercar brand, but owned by German automaker Volkswagen since 1998, reportedly lost money on each of the 450 Bugatti Veyrons it made from 2005 to 2015. But the company says there will be no bargains with the Chiron. The new model will cost €2.5 million plus taxes and just 500 will be made.

No Chirons are destined for Thailand as the model is planned for left hand drive only, as with its predecessor.

You should get straight through if you ring Bugatti. I doubt if there will be a waiting list.

Fast facts: Bugatti Chiron

Price: €2.5 million

Engine: W16 (two V8s mounted back to back)

Turbochargers: Four

Power: 1103 kW/1600 Nm

0 to 100 km/h: Less than 2.5 seconds

Top speed: In excess of 420 km/h

Weight: 1995kg