BMW E30 for anyone?


The Retro Championships have been flooded with BMW E30’s this year.  The drive(r) behind this is Gavin Charlesworth from EBC Brakes who presented six E30’s at the Nitto 3K Retro meeting at the beginning of this month.

These were:

BMW E30 Wide body – 4.0 V8 M60 – Gavin (Team EBC Brakes)

BMW E30 Wide Body – 3.0 6cyl S50 (M3) – Frank (team B-Quik Racing / EBC Brakes)

BMW E30 – 2.7 6 cyl M50 – Peter (Team EBC Brakes)

BMW E30 – 2.5 4 cyl M10 – Vinay (Team EBC Brakes)

BMW E30 – 2.0 4 cyl M44 – Kaz (Team B-Quik Racing)

BMW E30 – 2.0 4 cyl M44 – Pong (Team Grilliku Gulf / EBC Brakes)

Gavin Charlesworth’s wide-body E30 - pic credit Dr. Jeff Harper. Gavin Charlesworth’s wide-body E30 – pic credit Dr. Jeff Harper.

After the first meeting, I received an email from Gavin saying, “A fantastic weekend was had by I think all.  As always at the beginning of the season there were some gremlins in the cars that had to be chased away leaving us very little time for practice on Friday.

“We qualified in the wet on Saturday morning which allowed us to brush up on our car control skills.  We have a clip up on You tube of most of the field going either in the wrong direction or parked in the woods.

“Saturday afternoon dried out putting us back up to speed for Retro and open RWD and Sunday amazingly stayed dry too.

Here is a link for some You Tube channel clips from Gavin’s V8 and Peters straight 6 E30’s.

It is worth a look at the clips which were taken through the windscreen of an E30 and will give you the driver’s eye view of the twisty Bira circuit.”  (You will also catch a glimpse on a couple of clips of a certain white Securitas Mk1 Escort fighting with some rather quick newer race cars.)