Bira 30 years


Contrary to all the rumors, the Bira Circuit is alive and (generally) well! A fun day was held at the circuit to mark the occasion of 30 years, though it had been postponed from last year owing to the official mourning period for His Late Majesty King Rama 9.

Many of the older race cars that were driven at Bira over the years were on display and some carried out some demonstration laps.

Other vehicles that were there included a Jaguar 220, still an amazing design today after all those years.

Jag 220 (Photo by Edd Ellison, FastTrack).
Jag 220 (Photo by Edd Ellison, FastTrack).

The B-Quik Audi and Porsche represented the later models to race at Bira. The F3 car was a bonus, though strictly these new F3 cars never raced at Bira.

I was actually a guest of the circuit in 1986, and since I was the medical officer for the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS), the organizers roped me in to present the trophies. However, when it came up on TV they had made me the medical officer for the FIA! I was waiting for Bernie to sling me a backhander, but it never came.