Khao Kheow too tough a test


Travellers Rest Golf Group


Monday, Feb. 6, Khao Kheow – Stableford


Div 1 (0-15)

1st Ito Akitoshi (10) 34pts

2nd Mike Rushant (12) 33pts

3rd Nick Thomas (11) 33pts


Div 2 (15 up)

1st Freddie Starbeck (15) 33pts

2nd Ted Senior (16) 33pts

3rd Jack Macnamara (18) 32pts


Monday at Khao Kheow saw a golf course in tremendous condition and coupled with glorious weather the day was made for some fine golf scores.  However, for some strange reason not one of the 25 golfers playing was able to shoot their handicap.

Division 1 had Mike Rushant and Nick Thomas closely fighting for 2nd spot with Mike coming out on top on count back.  Fighting  may be the wrong adjective as anyone who knows Mike and Nick would realise that the chances of either of these 2 being in a scrap is as likely as finding a humble Yorkshireman.  The top round came from Ito Akitoshi with 34 points.

In Division 2 Jack Macnamara’s 32 points was good enough to claim the 3rd prize.  The top spot came down to a close battle between Ted Senior and Freddie Starbeck.  Despite several interventions from Ted’s lawyers it was found that Freddie had won the day on count back.  Freddie’s already very wide smile orbited into beaming.

Mike Lam.
Mike Lam.


Tuesday, Feb. 7, Burapha – Stableford

1st Nathan Sheridan (25) 37pts

2nd Alan Gibb (9) 35pts

3rd Dave Palmer (8) 35pts


Tuesday’s visit to Burupha saw Nathan Sheridan coming out on top with a fine round of 37 points.  In 3rd place Dave Palmers 35 points saw the top raw score of the day coming from his 8-handicap.  Alan Gibb managed 2nd place which was remarkable considering playing the round doing his best Chris Waddle impersonation.  As the round got longer the shorts got smaller and next week one hopes that the mullet wig will appear just to finish off the job.  He will then appear like the spitting image of his beloved Aberdeen’s very own Willie Miller.


Wednesday, Feb. 8, Phoenix – Stableford

1st Jakob Skadegaard (18) 39pts

2nd Seamus Farrell (26) 38pts

3rd Andy Halsey (8) 37pts


On Wednesday the TRGG made the short trip to Phoenix Gold.  Andy Halsey produced a fine round to score 37 points and secure 3rd place while a wonderful 38 points gave Seamus Farrell 2nd spot.  It has been reported in Ireland’s gutter press that Rory Mcllroy’s career was kick started when as a 5 years old walking along Cork Common he came across Seamus Farrell practicing his legendary golf swing.  This vision apparently deeply affected him, and in order to conquer the nightmares that followed this hideous experience, Rory set out to conquer his demons by practicing every day.

The top score came from Jakob Skadegaard whose round of 39 points was more than enough to take the day’s top prize.

Ito Akitoshi.
Ito Akitoshi.


Thursday, Feb. 9, Green Valley – Stableford

1st Gary Blackborne (8) 39pts

2nd Aoki Toshihiro (25) 39pts

3rd Ben Durham (13) 37pts


Nineteen golfers made their way down the A311 for the weekly visit to Green Valley.  Of this number, 17 would have been delighted to have scored over 30 points and this just showed what great condition this course is in at the moment.

In the past year Gary Blackbone has played 12 times at the TRGG and on 11 times at this course, averaging 33 points for each outing (I can be a stato).  Today was his highest score and his 39 points were just enough to beat Aoki Toshihiro on count-back.  In 3rd place came Ben Durham and his 37 points was his best round since he started at the TRGG in Nov 2015 (the stats keep coming).


Friday, Feb. 10, Mt. Shadow – Stableford

1st Mike Lam (21) 34pts

2nd Ito Akitoshi (10) 32pts

3rd Freddy Starbeck (15) 31pts


Friday’s visit to Mountain Shadow started in spectacular style with two minibuses heading off from the Travellers Rest with one going up the 7 whilst the other going in the opposite direction down the 36.  But the beauty of Thailand is that there is always an opportunity for a U turn in the face of speeding traffic.  After this experience it is hardly surprising that the occupants of this minibus would not later be on the winner’s podium.

Freddy Starbeck’s 31 points was good enough for 3rd place on a beautiful but testing course.  The trees that line this course are the toughest in Thailand and Ito Akitoshi’s claimed 2nd place with 32 points.  But the day’s winner was Mike Lam whose score of 34 points was good enough to secure the top spot.


Saturday, Feb. 11, Silky Oak – Stableford

1st Chris Morton (12) 38pts

2nd Ted Senior (16) 37pts

3rd Ben Durham (13) 36pts


Saturday’s trip to Silky Oaks saw a fine set of scores.  There is gathering evidence that if you are striking the ball well you will reap your rewards on this rapidly maturing golf course.  Ben Durham scored 36 points to secure 3rd spot and he was only one point Behind Ted Senior who finished in 2nd.  However, the day’s top prize was won by Chris Morton who took the honors with 38 points from his 12-handicap.