Bangkok International Motor Show commences 27th March


What in my mind is the premier motor show in Thailand is the Bangkok International Motor Show.  It is being held at the Impact Arena and public days begin on the 27th March and run through to Sunday April 7.

The venue is good, with enough space for exhibitors, plus some of the other attractions such as the competition cars, vintage cars and classics.

However, the main attractions will still be the new cars, with the public being able to have a hands on with some of the tightly grouped cars, such as the eco-cars, with almost all under 450,000 baht.  Which one fits you?

There are always cars well beyond the reach of mere mortals such as you and I, but it’s good fun to be photographed with one, and pretend just a little!

I will be attending the Press Day on the 26th, so more about the motor show next week!