Bangkok International Motor Show

Motor Show Pretties.
Motor Show Pretties.

Yes, it is on again, the internationally accredited Bangkok Motor Show at Muang Tong Thani. This year it will be on from March 28 until April 8 and is the 39th annual Bangkok motor show organized by Grand Prix International (GPI).

An extra smaller “motor show” will be held concurrently, called the 10th Bangkok Used Car Show, and organized by GPI as well. This will give prospective customers the opportunity to compare old and new models and prices.

The organizers of the Formula 1 races may have banned Grid Girls, but I am sure that our motor show will have its usual display of pulchritude called “Pretties” in the most outlandish fashions. Personally I find this all a little amusing, but I do know of people who go to the show just to photograph the girls. Coming from Pattaya where you can touch the local pretties if you wish (remember to wash your hands), as well as ogle, perhaps I have a jaundiced eye these days?

It should be noted that the motor industry as a whole has been struggling to maintain previous levels. In Australia for example, sales figures from 2017 showed that Jeep had a 34 percent drop, Volvo 20 percent, Jaguar 17 percent, Fiat 17 percent, BMW 15 percent and Nissan 15 percent. And Australia’s best selling car? The Toyota Hilux with the Ford Ranger in hot pursuit. Pre-release details on the new Ford Ranger Raptor might see Ford leapfrog Isuzu and Hilux. We shall see if Ford has a Ranger Raptor on display at the show.

The attendance figures for the 39th Bangkok International Motor Show are projected as being 1.6 million and it is expected this will boost the domestic market to around one million vehicles, getting us up to the previous level of a few years ago.