B-Quik goes on display


Fresh from a superb start to the new Thailand Super Series season in Buriram last month, one of B-Quik Racing’s brace of Audi R8 LMS Cup racecars was the star at the 4th Bangkok International Auto Salon.

B-Quik Audi.
B-Quik Audi.

The #26 Audi R8 LMS Cup is raced by team leader Henk J. Kiks in Thailand Super Series, headlining ‘Super Car GTM’ category. The German sports car is entering its third season with B-Quik Racing and was driven to podium success by Henk during Round 1 of 2016, held in Buriram in May. In fact it proved to be stunning start to the season as Henk and his teammate Daniel Bilski, who is driving the second Audi this year, finished on the podium no less than four times during the ‘triple header’ held in the North East.

We get all our tyres for the TBX Retro Racer Escort through B-Quik as well, and I hear good reports from other racers.

(The Bangkok International Auto Salon is South East Asia’s biggest modified and tuning car show and is closely modeled on the world famous Tokyo Auto Salon and as usual this edition includes a selection of highly modified and customized cars that have been shipped over from Japan especially for the show.)