Autotrivia Quiz – Friday May 17 – May 23, 2013


Last week I mentioned that a 30 cylinder engine was built during WW2.  What was it used for?  It was a tank engine.  Created in 1941, the A57 Multibank engine was developed as a rear-mount tank engine for use in M4A4 Medium tank.

In order to use existing tooling, five Chrysler six cylinder engines were arranged around a central shaft, producing a unique 30 cylinder 21 liter engine in a relatively compact but heavy package.  The crankshafts were fitted with gears, which drove a sun gear arrangement.  In a February 1944 advertisement in the magazine Popular Science, Chrysler claimed the A57 could still move the tank it was fitted in even if 12 out of its 30 cylinders were knocked out.  Now that was just too easy!

Quiz car.Quiz car.

So to this week.  Have a look at the photo.  What is it and who built it?

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