Autotrivia Quiz – Friday January 31 – February 6, 2014


So to last week’s quiz.  Judging by the number of entries for the quiz, you are finding these “what car is this” a little harder to ‘Google’, so last week it was again a pre-war vehicle.  Power 115 BHP from the straight eight engine, but engage the supercharger and you had 180 BHP.  

Max speed 169 km/h.  Four speed manual gearbox with pre-selector on 3rd and 4th gears.  What was it?  It was one of my favorite cars, the Mercedes Benz 540K.

Mercedes Benz 540K.Mercedes Benz 540K.

So to this week.  What is the connection between Ernst Heinkel – German Nazi aircraft designer, whose company produced the world’s first turbojet aircraft and jet plane, as well as the first rocket aircraft; Felix Wankel – German engineer, inventor of the Wankel engine and Erwin Rommel – German General and Field Marshal of World War II?  I know they are all Germans, but there was something else they had in common.

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