Autotrivia Quiz – Friday 1 July – 7 July 2011


Last week I wrote about a sewing machine manufacturer that made the chassis for another company (still going today) in 1889.  After that time the company went on to produce motorcycles.  After that it produced cars in association with an Italian manufacturer.  I asked which manufacturer was this, and what is it best remembered for?  It was, of course NSU, best remembered for its use of the Wankel engine in the Ro80.  It used to be said that Ro80 owners would acknowledge each other on the road by waving fingers at each other.  The number of fingers represented the number of engines they had replaced under warranty.  It took Mazda to work out how to keep the rotary together.

So to this week.  What car had a six cylinder engine with four valves and four plugs each and displaced 21 liters.  Can’t give you more clues without giving the game away!

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