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Porsche 917.
Porsche 917.

Last week I asked what car was this? Crankcase was aluminium-magnesium alloy and the cam carriers and cam covers were magnesium. Cylinder barrels were aluminium with Nikasil liners. The connecting rods, rod bolts, fan drive shaft, auxiliary and output shafts and other miscellaneous hardware were made of titanium. The fan shrouding, cooling fan and intake stacks were fibreglass. The cooling fan displaced up to 148 cubic meters of air per minute. That is plenty of clues!

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The answer was the Porsche 917. A phenomenal race car which ended up being outlawed as nothing else could get near it. The 917 employed a dry sump oiling system. This one utilized no less than seven pumps. A triple unit in the sump provided pressure and scavenging of the front and rear of the crankcase, and four small pumps located at each end of the exhaust camshafts allowed for scavenging oil from the cylinder heads. The system held 30 liters of oil. Each cylinder had dual spark plugs, ignited by two separate distributors. Fuel was supplied by Bosch mechanical injection. The initial batch of 4.5 liter versions produced 520-580 bhp at 8500 rpm, the turbocharged versions generated up to 1580 bhp on full boost.

So to this week. Another easy one. What was abnormal about the acceleration mechanism in the Morris Minors of the early 1930’s?

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