Autonomous cars’ technology


There is a large percentage of drivers out there who think that self-driving (autonomous) cars are somewhere in the future, probably around 2030. Wrong. The technology is already here, and in use every day.

I have a Mobileye installed in my daily driver and it is not difficult to extrapolate what it can do as a driver aid, to a self-driving car.

For example, if I stray out of my lane, it tells me with jangling bells. Instead of ringing bells, the technology for steering by wire is available. It can steer itself.

If I get too close to the car in front, it advises me with more bells so I can apply the brakes in time. Brake by wire is also available today and my Mobileye can very easily convert bells to brake application.

With GPS being so commonplace these days, it is not difficult for a GPS equipped vehicle to find its way to your destination. Simple algorithms supplied by computer programmers are already in operation.

The only issue revolves around insurance. If my autonomous car with me sitting in the passenger’s seat runs into your autonomous motorcar with you as passenger, whose insurance picks up the tab? The manufacturers or you and me? Solve that conundrum and there will be autonomous vehicles driving down your street before 2020.