Audi copy Porsche in Asia


The very successful Porsche Asia Cup series has been joined by Audi with there “me too” series in Asia.  One of the top drivers attracted to the new series is Malaysia’s Alex Yoong, scoring the top step on the podium in his first race in China.

Rene Koneberg (director of Audi Sport customer racing China) said, “We set out to raise the bar on standards of motorsport in Asia, and our fantastic field of drivers, and fleet of superb Audi R8 LMS Cup cars, have done just that.

We could not have hoped for a more exciting first weekend of Audi one-make racing, and for us to debut here in China makes it all the more special.  The enthusiasm with which the Audi R8 LMS Cup has been received by the motorsport fraternity has been extraordinary, and we have no doubt we will go from strength to strength this season.”

Audi Series racing. Audi Series racing.