Aston reveals DB 11


The current Geneva Motor Show has seen a few new models released, but none as breathtakingly beautiful as the new Aston Martin DB 11. A 322 km/h Aston Martin DB 11.

Not only was this the latest from the British manufacturer but it also came with an all UK developed 5.2 liter twin-turbocharged V12 instead of engines sourced from the Mercedes-Benz AMG arm.

The engine develops 447 kW and 700 Nm from its V12, making it the most powerful road going Aston Martin and it is front mid-mounted and sends power to the rear axle via a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and a limited slip differential (LSD). Performance figures for the DB11 include the sprint zero to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

Aston reveals DB 11Aston reveals DB 11

To keep the weight down, the DB11 has a carbon-fiber propshaft, a stainless-steel exhaust, magnesium door structures and an extruded aluminium monocoque body, which is not welded or riveted together, but bonded.

The 2+2 GT coupe will spearhead the company’s Second Century plan, which heralds a new design direction for the range of high-performance cars, but other than the fresh styling cues, Aston is revealing no other details of what the plan holds at this stage.

The DB11 is the first true DB production model since the DB9 that was launched in 2003, and it has increased marginally in dimensions compared with its predecessor. A 65 mm longer wheelbase allows the engine to be mounted further back in the chassis for a 49:51 front-to-rear weight distribution.

The new DB11 has a 75 mm wider track at the front, 43 mm wider at the back end and an overall increase of width of 28 mm. Its front overhang is 16 mm shorter and 11 mm longer at the rear, while total length is up 50 mm compared with the DB9.

The DB 10, a model between the DB 9 and the new DB 11, was produced solely for the James Bond feature film franchise and not as a production model. It was recently auctioned off for  2,434,500.

For the new car, Aston says it is particularly proud of its AeroBlade “virtual spoiler” which ducts air from the base of the C-pillars and roof strakes to vents in the boot lid to create the same down force of a more conventional spoiler without a fin disrupting the DB11’s sloping tail. The system is complemented by a deployable spoiler.

With a V12 powerplant and 1770 kg dry weight the DB11 has serious need for big brakes and has six-piston monobloc callipers on 400 mm two-piece iron rotors, with four-pot versions with 360 mm discs at the rear.

As is becoming more commonplace on the most exclusive performance cars, the DB11’s tyres were developed specifically for the model by Bridgestone.

In the interior, an 8.0 inch screen forms the centerpiece of the interior technology, giving access to the 400 watt audio system, iPod, iPhone, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, a Wi-Fi hub and satellite radio in the United States.

Alcantara roof lining, electric front seats with heating and memory, keyless entry and start, 360 degree camera, parking sensors all round, a “satin silver jewelry” pack and black leather upholstery are standard inclusions.

Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman said the new model honored the Aston Martin mantra but was a significant step forward into the company’s future.

“Every millimetre of DB11 has been re-imagined from the ground up,” he said. “The DB11’s proportions have been thoroughly scrutinized, and intuitively measured, to ensure its beauty and elegance, while ground-breaking aerodynamics have been integrated to further enhance the car’s design language.

“Even down to the hidden detailing, every part of DB11 is designed to create the world’s most alluring DB to date.”

In the United Kingdom, the DB11 will go on sale for £154,900 including a five-year servicing plan – expect to pay around 21 million THB, IF you can actually import one.