Another stunning Mazda


Mazda president Masamichi Kogai spoke at the 2015 Tokyo motor show where the new Mazda concept RX-Vision stole the show, and during his opening presentation that, although there are still technical hurdles to overcome to ensure it meets ever tightening emission regulations, it is only a matter of time.

“We are not a big company, but the cars we make stand out,” he said.

“Fifty years ago we took on the challenge of the rotary engine and were successful in mass-producing and commercializing it. It hasn’t been an easy path; we’ve had our share of setbacks and challenges and are no longer producing rotary engine vehicles. However, one day the rotary will make a comeback.

Mazda RX9 concept.

“Under the hood [of the RX-Vision concept] is our next-generation rotary engine, the SKYACTIV-R. This name expresses our intention to make breakthroughs in the rotary engine’s dynamic and environmental performance with the same high aspirations that made SKYACTIV technology possible.

“There are still many issues to overcome, but we will continue our development efforts in the spirit of ‘never stop challenging’.”

Mazda has yet to reveal any definitive technical details of the new-generation rotary power plant, but says it is an integral part of its heritage – and one that gives it a unique position among driving enthusiasts.

It has, however, provided basic information of the two-seat coupe’s body, which measures 4389 mm in length, is 1925 mm wide and sits just 1160 mm tall. While early speculation indicated the RX-Vision would ride on a revised version of the MX-5 roadster’s rear-drive underpinnings, considering it features an identical 2700 mm wheelbase to the CX-5 suggests it could be based on the mid-sized SUV platform but with a unique rear-drive only configuration.