Alfa Romeo brings out a stunner in the 4C


Alfa Romeo will be releasing the new 4C this year. If you were quick enough, a special Launch Edition – limited to 1300 worldwide – will be available, featuring a host of mechanical and exterior extras and priced at (I guess) 5 million baht.

The 4C is simply stunning in the ‘looks’ department, and is much smaller than you imagine.

Power comes from the all-new turbocharged 1.7 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine is backed by Alfa’s own TCT (twin-clutch transmission). No manual gearbox option exists here or overseas for the 1025 kg 4C. It also features RWD.

 Alfa Romeo 4C. Alfa Romeo 4C.

The direct injection-equipped, all-alloy motor that the 4C shares with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV developing 177 kW at 6000 rpm and 350 Nm at 2200 rpm, giving the 4C a zero to 100 km/h time of 4.5 seconds.

It has alloy front and rear sub-frames attached to the composite tub, composite body panels and the alloy engine to keep the weight down.

Front suspension is double-wishbone with MacPherson struts in the rear, and an electronically controlled rear diff between the rear wheels. Conversely, there is no power assistance of any sort at the steering wheel. The brakes are Brembo steel items.

The driver can select one of four driving modes via Alfa’s DNA switch, mounted on the center console – All-weather, Natural, Dynamic and Race – which will change throttle, diff and transmission maps accordingly.

There is also a launch control function built into both Dynamic and Race modes, while the latter setting completely turns off both stability and traction control.

The wheel sizes are not the same all-round, with 17 inch fronts (with 205/45/ZR 17) and 18 inch rears (with 235/40ZR 18), all tyres being Pirelli P-Zeros.

Minimalism dominates the cabin with sports bucket seats, leather-wrapped, flat-bottomed steering wheel devoid of controls other than a pair of paddle shifts.

Luggage is just a little more than a change of underwear and a toothbrush with 110 liters in the rear, but no storage is available up front.

The more expensive Launch Edition will come equipped with a host of interior and exterior upgrades, including upsized rims in matte black, uprated dampers and sway bars, a muffler-less exhaust, sports seats, carbon interior trim, Bi-LED headlights, a carbon rear wing and carbon mirror caps.

Alfa Romeo global CEO Harald Wester highlighted the racing heritage of the brand in developing the 4C. “With its technological solutions derived directly from Formula 1, the Alfa Romeo 4C creates a fusion of body and machine, an extension of its driver’s soul that is ready, capable and willing to respond and deliver,” he said. (All wonderful PR-speak, considering Alfa Romeo has not been involved with F1 since 1988. Hopefully the 4C is not using 27 year old F1 technology!)

The 4C will be built in the Maserati factory in Modena, Italy.