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I really do feel that motor cars and the driving of same has regressed over the years.  Take Porsche for example.  A 1973 Carrera was quite a performance vehicle in its day.  

To get to the other end of your journey gave the driver a feeling of achievement.  The car had performed, and so had he (or she).  Today, with electronic everythings ‘mollycoddling’ the driver from ABS to traction control, upwards and downwards, that same feeling of accomplishment is no longer there.

The great days of GP racing The great days of GP racing

However, fortunately many books have been written about what we all refer to as the ‘good old days’ and one publisher with a host of titles is Veloce Publishing in the UK.

One obvious example is:

1 ½ -litre GP Racing 1961-1965 by Mark Whitelock at £ 39.99

This book covers the story of a Grand Prix formula largely overlooked due to the perception that the cars were underpowered and hence unspectacular.  This perception ignores the significant technical developments that took place, the domination achieved by British race-car constructors and the rise of British drivers Jim Clark, Graham Hill and John Surtees.  Also includes evaluations of the following drivers: Dan Gurney, Ritchie Ginther, Bruce McLaren, Phil Hill, Jack Brabham, Lorenzo Bandini, Jackie Stewart, Wolfgang von Trips, Tony Maggs, Innes Ireland, Stirling Moss, Jo Bonnier, Giancarlo Baghetti, Mike Spence, Jo Siffert, Peter Arundell, Trevor Taylor, Tony Brooks, Bob Anderson, Denis (Denny) Hulme, Ricardo Rodriguez, Godin de Beaufort, Jochen Rindt, Olivier Gendebien, Jack Lewis, Willy Mairesse, Gerhard Mitter, Jim Hall, Pedro Rodriguez, Roy Salvadori, Chris Amon, Maurice Trintignant, Walt Hansgen, Ronnie Bucknum, Richard Attwood, Masten Gregory, Neville Lederle, Lodovico Scarfiotti and Mike Hailwood.

Go to www.veloce.co.uk and you will see this book and pages of others.  It seems to be the best motoring ‘bookshop’ around.