Syteria: ‘Rant-O-Bot’


Syteria are the stroppy offspring of British heavy metal rock band Girlschool, with talented lead guitarist Jackie Chambers leading the pack.  Jackie has been with Girlschool since 2000 and helped form Syteria in 2015.

That is where the similarity between the two bands ends though.  For those of you lucky enough to see Syteria’s far too quick tour of South East Asia, these girls and boys rock, but in a different more urgent way than Girlschool, they are far more Runaways/Joan Jett solo than Iron Maiden or Saxon.

Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers guitar work is exemplary throughout the entire twelve songs on this album, shredding her axe at will when required.  But the choice of other players in the band is also inspired.  Firstly and most notably is Julia (all the band members punkishly go by their first names only).  Julia is of Argentinean descent, moving to the United Kingdom after playing in a succession of bands in her home country.  This girl has got what it takes, a great ‘devil may care’ attitude, the image to carry it off, and a voice born to sing punk/pop with attitude.

The only male in the band is Pablo, Julia’s brother a hard hitting drummer who gives Syteria their ground work sound.  (His good looking South American visage may also gain the attention of many of the female crowds at Syteria gigs.)

Completing the line-up and the rhythm section is Kiera, who lays down some really groove laden bass lines that make you want to shake, and she completes the very good looking line up of this band.

The album itself starts off with the athematic “Revolution” and after saying that there really is not much more to say.  The track sounds exactly as the title suggests – music to start an uprising to.  The band immediately gel as one with Julia’s voice out front and demanding we do as she says.  Jackie lays down the riffs whilst the other two pump out a rhythm to dance to.  Jackie also unleashes a guitar hero axe solo.

Next up is the band’s first single, the provocatively titled “When I Get Out Of High School”.  This has the most catchy back beat and will leave you exhausted on the dance floor in under 3 minutes.

Other songs on the album stick to the pop/punk format, but there is still plenty of room for variety, with various members pushing their way to the front on different songs.  Many of the tracks make you yearn for the early days of the mid-Seventies when The Sweet and Suzi Quatro were the lords and ladies of the pop single.

“I’m All Woman” could easily become a classic of its time and if you only have time to listen to one song on this album, this is it: The band in perfect harmony, the rhythm locked down tight, Jackie’s axe breaking through, and Julia’s voice pleading with you to listen to her.  The chorus on this song becomes an ear worm, living with you for days.

Landlord Kim Fletcher (left) welcomes members of rock band Syteria to Jameson’s Irish Pub in Pattaya.
Landlord Kim Fletcher (left) welcomes members of rock band Syteria to Jameson’s Irish Pub in Pattaya.

Good luck to Syteria, especially with this new album which is self-financed and has great album cover work.  All the more reason to get yourself a copy!  I hope Girlschool and Syteria can live together in unity, but I hope even more they can both achieve the success they deserve.

Track List:


When I Get out Of High School



I’m All Woman

Get A Life

Stupid Girl






New World Order

Syteria are:

Jackie – lead guitar and backing vocals

Julia – lead throat

Kiera – bass guitar and vocals

Pablo – drums and vocals

Note: Written by Mott The Dog and Hells Bells, who can often be found at Jameson’s The Irish Pub, Soi AR, North Pattaya.