Pattaya related movie to be showcased in New York


“Clueless?”, a short film written by Pattaya resident and writer Peter Alan Lloyd has been selected for a screening at the prestigious SOHO International Film Festival in New York later this month.

The comedy revolves around the body of an apparently dead foreigner being discovered in a rice field.  Shot on location in Nakhon Nayok, the film features an impressive roll-call of some of Thailand’s best-known actors, many also with Pattaya links including actress, model and former Miss Thailand World, Cindy Bishop, whose mother is a lifelong Pattaya resident.  Cindy’s husband Byron Bishop also appears in, and directed the film.

Cast & crew members from “Clueless?” pose for a photo in Bangkok.Cast & crew members from “Clueless?” pose for a photo in Bangkok.

“Clueless?” also features Thai actor Sahajak Boonthanakit who starred in last year’s controversial worldwide movie “Only God Forgives” and as a psychotic killer in “Laddaland”, the second-highest-grossing Thai horror movie of all time.

Duncan Stearn, another Pattaya resident also appears in the film, as does Peter’s wife, Thawanrat.

“Most actors in the film had never acted before, I had never written a screenplay, Byron had never directed a film and the producers had never produced one, so this is something of an unexpected result,” said Peter.

“I also have a small but memorable role in the film, for which I had to shave my head.”

Peter took inspiration for the film from the unfortunately frequent real-life incidents of dead foreigners turning up in the tapioca fields outside Pattaya.

Duncan and Peter with film crew on location in Nakhon Nayok.Duncan and Peter with film crew on location in Nakhon Nayok.

“Clueless?” has already garnered awards from a film festival in Bangkok late last year, with first-time Filippina actress Joy Villanueva winning Best Actress and Peter and his partners, Byron and Sahajak, winning Best Producers.

Peter said, “I don’t expect us to win anything in New York.  I’m just really proud the film has been selected for showing at such an internationally renowned film festival as SOHO.  We’ll be going to New York to support the film when it’s screened, which we’re really looking forward to.”

The SOHO International Film Festival runs from May 15-22.  “Clueless?” is scheduled for a public screening on May 16.