Dark Blues Night lights up Halloween


There was no trick but certainly a treat for attendees at the Silverlake vineyard on Halloween night, October 31, with performances by top international and local blues artists under the theme The Dark Blues Night.

Gray Gregson is one of the best blues artists in Texas, the origin of the Southern Blues, and has won several song writing awards.  Gray first came to perform in Thailand for the Help Haiti Concert at Silverlake in 2010, and like many international artists, it was not going to be his last time to this country.

Yamin (left) and Gray Gregson (right) perform at the Silverlake vineyard, Saturday, October 31.

On this latest visit he performed a dynamic collection of Blues classics and R&B arrangements, including a numbers of his favorite tunes from his old and new albums, such as “Out Of Your Mind”, “Moon Dancing” and “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

Sue K (2nd left) enjoys Halloween Blues Night with Dennis Dila, Supansa Tangchaitrong and Surachai Tangchaitrong.

After the concert, Gray said he has plans to come back here again for more performances and also to spend his time mentoring and transferring his musical knowledge to another well known Blues artist in Thailand, Yamin, who also joined him on stage during the Halloween show.

Yamin is widely popular and respected amongst his peers as being one of Thailand’s most influential Blues guitarists & singers.  He fell in love with this genre of music about 20 years ago and never looked back, happy to electrify the audience with his classic and original Thai Blues numbers, including ones that will be on his new album “Bucha”.