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GIS ‘love nature’ at YMCA camp

Sixth Annual Student Excellence Awards presented at Deaf School

GIS raises 20,000 baht for Huey Pong

Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya assesses renewable energy project

GIS ‘love nature’ at YMCA camp

GIS students ‘loving nature’ at YMCA camp

Written by: K. Musa Trip Co-ordinator

Thirty children from Years 5 and 6, and four staff members from Garden International School, recently spent three days in the wilds north of Ban Chang on a challenging and exciting outdoor education camp with the YMCA. Trained staff from Bangkok came down to ensure that the children and the accompanying staff had a safe three day adventure away from the classroom routine.

Skills of teamwork, trust and sheer bravery were tested as the children engaged in activities as varied as abseiling, archery, kayaking, flying-fox (aerial runway), rock climbing and hiking. All the children outshone themselves and there were some outstanding moments of courage during some scary situations.

With their motto printed on their T-shirts - ‘GIS - LOVE NATURE’, the students certainly enjoyed being in their natural environment and did their best to master all the challenges laid down for them. By the end of the three days, everybody had succeeded in all tasks and challenges set before them. The students as well as their teachers took obvious pride in their achievements.

Great fun was had by all, with some valuable lessons in courage learnt by everybody.

Well done and thank you to all who took part.

Sixth Annual Student Excellence Awards presented at Deaf School

The Sixth Annual Student Excellence Awards for the students from the School for Deaf Children at the Pattaya Orphanage were presented last week. The students, from left to right, are Songchai Naknuan, Kannika Kam-Sum-Ang, Thewakul Boonrat, and Wanthani Photi. The sponsor, Joe from Chicago, is in the background lending his smile and his support. Congratulations and best wishes to the students for a bright future.

GIS raises 20,000 baht for Huey Pong

GIS with the ‘mountain of pillows’ for Huey Pong.

The school community at Garden International School all joined forces and rallied together to raise money for the children at Huey Pong. The Huey Pong Institute is the home of 300 boys and girls from the age of 4 to 18 years. They are there because their parents are not able to take care of them. Sometimes, the children have been living on the street before coming to the Huey Pong Institute. Some have been taken away from their homes.

The children sleep together in a large room on pillows that have not been washed for a very long time. 26 baht per day is what each child has to live on - to cover food, shampoo, soap, clothing and so on.

Students, staff and parents of GIS allocated one whole week to ‘Huey Pong’ - the aim was to raise a gigantic ‘mountain of pillows’ to give to Huey Pong. Every day that week, something was being donated and sold to staff and students. Bake sales, ice cream sales, pancake sales, rose sales, ice-cup sales, staff lunches and mufti days all helped to tally their fundraising effort to a remarkable 20,025 baht.

This fantastic charity initiative has meant that GIS will be buying over 300 new pillows for the institute. A big thank you to the contingent of GIS parents and staff who volunteered their time to cut, pin and sew pillow slips for the new pillows after school.

The pillows, pillow slips and boxes of washing powder will be presented to the Huey Pong Institute by students from Years 12 and 13 this week on behalf of the school community of GIS.

Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya assesses renewable energy project

In between final exams and before going into their well-deserved summer break, Prof. Wolf-Rudiger Engelke summoned together the school groups involved in the Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya’s renewable energy project, comprising of 30 students from Banglamung School, for a presentation of what has been achieved during the past three months.

Ponsak Sanguanchom explains his thesis to the professor, while members of other project groups listen. (From left, 2nd row standing) Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya charter president Peter Thorand, Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya vice president Preben Hansen, Wilai Sawjaw, Prapan and Praporn Bamloongya (twins). (Seated from right) Pramook Ruensawat, Ponsak, Noppadon Somsoongnoen, Chintana Sangaron and Professor Engelke.

The task was to find ways to heat water by using national resources, in this case the sun. Developing a very simple system from scratch in the beginning of the project, each new mock-up had new improvements implemented, which as a result had an increase in the amount of water heated, an increase in temperature of the heated water or to lessen the time the water needed to get to a certain temperature.

During the first semester, the group was able to achieve a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius for water, which is warm enough to be used for personal hygienic purposes, such as showers, hand-washing, etc. Under the guidance of Gina, who also served as translator, it was a project well done, understood and liked by the students and can be applied in every household without spending much money for hardware, like water heaters. The retail price for such a system is about B30,000, while the cost of one unit of this project may only add up to one tenth of this. The project will continue after the summer break.

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