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Thanyarat Jirapatpakorn crowned Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2007

Tanapat and Rattakit Hengtrakul enter monkhood to give thanks and make merit for their parents

Thanyarat Jirapatpakorn crowned Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2007

Pattaya’s most glamorous beauty pageant draws worldwide attention

Thanyarat Jirapatpakorn, a 21-year-old student, was crowned Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2007 in a competition that received huge media coverage not only in Thailand but also around the world.

Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2007, Thanyarat Jirapatpakorn flanked by first runner-up, Paravee Chatrapakorn (left) and second runner-up, Satyaporn Hongsopa.
Although to the casual viewer the event appeared to be a conventional beauty contest, the requisite for all the participants was that they had been born male. Tiffany’s, famed as one of the greatest of all transvestite cabarets, has been staging this event every year since 1998, and the contest is one of Pattaya’s most flamboyant attractions.
On the final evening, 29 contestants displayed their talents on stage in an atmosphere of great anticipation, and from this the judges selected 10 contestants to go through to the finals.

Alisa Phanthusak, Contest Director presented the Miss Congeniality Award to Korakot Phromketchan, a college student from Sripathum University.
Excitement grew as the judges made their decisions and the final 10 contestants were chosen. The next stage of the contest must have been one of the most nerve-racking for the girls as they were asked questions, and had to think quickly to give clever answers to impress the judges. The audience gave them all their full support with applause and cheers.
At last, the moment had arrived for the final three contestants to be announced. Numbers 2, 3 and 16 were called and the audience by now was wild with excitement, screaming, whistling and cheering for their friends and favorites.

Orwan Phanthusak presented the Miss Best Costume Award to Kannanat Vejakul, a college student from Songkla Nakarin University.
Satyaporn Hongsopa, was announced as the second runner-up, and received 50,000 baht, a sash, trophy, and gift cheques. Next was Paravee Chatrapakorn, age 21 years as first runner up who received 80,000 baht, a sash, trophy, and gift cheques.
Finally, 21-year-old Thanyarat Jirapatpakorn was crowned Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2007.
An emotional Thanyarat said she was delighted to win “the most important title for transvestites and transsexuals in Thailand”. More importantly, she said, her parents will be proud that she won this title. As well as the coveted Miss Tiffany’s Universe crown, Thanyarat won a Mercedes-Benz A-Class automobile, 100,000 baht and gift cheques.
Thanyarat also won the Miss Photogenic, and the Miss Personality titles, and that added another 20,000 baht to her evening. Other winners were Korakot Phromketchan, 22, Miss Congeniality, Kannanat Vejakul, 19 for Best Outfit and Nisarat Kithathong, 27 won Miss Ripley’s Most Beautiful Woman.
The new Miss Tiffany’s Universe, Thanyarat, said with tears of joy that she learnt a lot of things and gained experiences and many friends out of this contest. She promised to carry out her duties to the full throughout the year. She also thanked her parents for their understanding and love they always give to her.

Kawee Siripat, vice president of the property and asset department Minor International PLC, presented the Miss Ripley’s Most Beautiful Wo-man award to Nisarat Kithathong.

Thanyarat Jirapatpakorn, this year’s winner also won the Miss Photogenic prize, presented by Vichai Walapol, president of the Mass Media Photographers Association of Thailand.

Alisa Phanthusak (left) poses with some distinguished guests, Ursula Rothstein, Laurance Fatus and George Rothstein at the Miss Tiffany’s Universe extravaganza.

Tanapat and Rattakit Hengtrakul enter monkhood to give thanks and make merit for their parents

The ordained monks, Phra Kittitapo and Phra Khunkicharo admired by their proud family.

The ‘nagas’ ask their parents for permission to be ordained and receive their robes from them.

The ‘nagas’ kneel before their preceptor prior to being ordained.

Narisa Nitikarn
In the Buddhist belief, when a young man who reaches the age of 20, he chooses to make merit for his parents by entering monkhood. The other reason is also to show his gratitude to them by humbly asking for their forgiveness for any wrong he has done to them over the years, intentional or unintentional, by body, speech or mind and to prepare himself for life as a layman, householder, and family head.
Such was the case of not just one, but two sons of Chanyuth Hengtrakul former MP of Chonburi province when Tanapat and Rattakit both decided to take this virtuous step to be ordained into monkhood.
The happy occasion was held on May 5 at the house of their parents, Chanyuth and Vilawan, beginning with the initiation of the novice-candidate ‘naga’, the ceremony of shaving their heads and eyebrows in preparation for ordination.
The following day the ordination ceremonies were held at Yansangwararam Woramahawiharn Temple in Sattahip District, where the Right Venerable Anan Kalayawattano, ecclesiastical provincial dean for the Dhammyuttika Sect acting as preceptor, performed the two-hour ceremony during which time the two were given their new names. Monk Tanapat received the name “Kittitapo”, which means having assets and honor, and Monk Rattakit received the name “Khunkicharo”, which means good deeds. A monk’s name will always remind him of his new life’s purpose.
The Preceptor reminded Phra Kittitapo and Phra Khunkicharo that during their month in monkhood they must obey the same rules governing diet, celibacy, and material possessions that discipline the senior monks. They must live in the temple monastery, collect their morning food in the community, and study and recite the sacred Dhamma texts.
The ceremonies on both days saw the attendance of a large number of friends and well-wishers from the worlds of politics and business, including Wittaya Khunplome, Itthipol Khunplome, Sanga Tanasa-Nguanwong, Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn, Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh, Suwat Rachatawattanakul, chairman of the Nongprue Municipal Council and Revat Phonlookin, deputy chief executive of the Provincial Administrative Organization.

Family and friends join the ‘nagas’ in the Dhammyuttika procession.